Growing your speaking confidence

develop fearless public speaking, increase effective communication skills, and amplify your personal impact.

Being able to articulate yourself confidently, to present your ideas with conviction, and to adapt your communication style to any situation will help you achieve your professional goals. Beyond this, it will positively impact your everyday well-being.  

Deliver inspiring presentations, participate confidently in meetings, and identify and accommodate multiple communication styles to communicate effectively with anyone in any setting.  

We use advanced techniques from training professional actors, performers and broadcasters. We are experienced in working with a wide range of people: no matter who you are, we can help.

If you want to speak with power - you can!
We will help you to:

  • Eliminate nerves and anxiety
  • Tackle bad habits and maximise personal strengths
  • Increase clarity and control of physical and vocal delivery
  • Use language persuasively and effectively
  • Learn the secrets to shaping inspiring content
  • Learn to adapt to any type of audience  

the approach

Our approach focuses on building confidence, authenticity and personal impact. We include specialist training normally only available for professional performing artists and combine this with mindset development. Through a personalised programme, multi-level feedback and real-world simulations, our clients are able to communicate confidently, and deliver compelling speeches and presentations.


Whether you are a business or an individual, one size does not fit all. We create bespoke programmes tailored to your specific needs, your desired outcomes, and your proposed budget.

360 Approach

Multiple factors impact our ability to confidently engage with the world. The ability to work from a range of perspectives is needed to facilitate sustained and meaningful change.


We believe that measurable success
increases motivation and accountability. We include tangible goals and help develop reflective and evaluate skills to guarantee progress.