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1:1 Coaching
The Power Programme

12 weeks

The Power Programme will transform you from a Stressed Speaker to a Powerful Presenter by focussing on three key areas: Somatic hacks and rebuild; Skills and scripting; and High-stakes strategy. You will learn to prepare compelling presentations in fraction of the time, deliver them with ease and charisma, and think on your feet, staying in control in high stakes situations.
What this means for you:

  • You replace nerves and stress with consistent access to the flow state
  • You develop vocal and physical skills that enhance impact and authenticity
  • You find your unique voice by blending the secrets of marketing, rhetoric, and literature, in order to be memorable, inspiring and empathetic.
  • You practice communication code switching to adapt to and persuade any audience.

Become the go-to authority and problem solver in your area.

This programme is for you if:

  • You avoid speaking in public even though it limits your opportunities.
  • You worry about presentations for weeks in advance.
  • You spend so much time preparing for presentations that other aspects of you work/life suffer.

It is also for you if:

  • You're holding back from stepping onto bigger stages.
  • Your ideas and potential remain hidden because you can't find the words to express them when you need to.
  • You know you have leadership potential  but don't know how to hold space and manifest executive presence.

If you want to command attention, speak with power and authenticity, and speak words that are  memorable, inspiring and impactful. And you want to feel fee to grasp opportunities, and speak to the room at the drop of a hat, then this is for you.

Other Ways to Work with me...

London Live

A yearly public group workshop series in central London. Group workshops provide a space that both supports and challenges. It's a space for big leaps forward.

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VIP Days  

VIP days are advanced level, accelerator sessions for small groups. These intensive experiences combine practical training with transformative 1:1 work.

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Group Programme

Online group coaching sessions, in-depth online training and face to face transformation days make this the ultimate space to build your skills.

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Have a free session where we can deep dive into your specific situation. I will give you expert advice on how to move forward regardless of whether you sign up to 1:1 coaching.  

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Good to know.

Everything you need to know about 1:1 Coaching.

How often do we meet?

The programme is designed as 9 x 75 minute zoom sessions over 12 weeks. The sessions can be arranged to best suit your individual learning journey and also any other obligations you might have. For example if your week is busy with work or social engagements you can opt to not have a session that week. Alterativley if we decide that a significant amount of work to happen between sessions to get the most out of the programme again you might want to take additional time to complete that work.  

Is there flexibility?

Yes. The key to success is designing an approach you can stick to. Some people benefit from shorter sessions that are closer together, this gives more support and more accountability. Others benefit from longer sessions further apart, but this requires more discipline and independent work. We will find the best way to work for you.

Can you guarantee results?

If you are engaged in this process and do the work, you will develop. Some shifts can happen quickly but meaningful change often takes time. For example if you have to unlearn habitual behaviours and build new skills, this will time and repetition. We will have concrete goals along the way to maintain motivation.

How does the programme work?

In your initial consultation we will deep dive into your current state of play, and define your aims for our work as well as starting to explore your learning style. We will work thought each of they key pillars of the programme; Somatic Hacks and Rebuild; Skills and Scripting; and High-Stakes Strategy. Selecting the best approaches and tasks that match your specific challenges, learning style and desired outcomes.  

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