value every utterance

I work with individuals to help them become the most authentic and confident communicators they can be. I work with businesses that value effective communication skills and high levels of interpersonal competence in their employees.
I have worked globally in world class institutions, and have 20 years experience in getting the best out of people, working towards range of goals in a range of settings. I believe that personal impact and strong communication skills can empower anyone. And that once empowered people will see positive growth that in turn grows their environment

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We are excited that you are considering this opportunity to develop yourself or your employees both professionally and personally. If you need a bit more persuasion, consider these options.

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If you have questions but don't want to call then email. We will provide all the information you need to take this important step.

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Everything you need to know about the my services.

How long does a 1:1 coaching process take?

We suggest six hours as a minimum

Often we have to unlearn habitual behaviours and build new skills, and this takes time and repetition. The key to success is designing an approach you can stick to. Some people benefit from shorter sessions that are closer together, this gives more support and more accountability. Others benefit from longer sessions further apart, but this requires more discipline and independent work.

The length of a coaching process will also depend on your specific goals.

What if I wanted to end my coaching engagement?

We offer a free taster session to help you decide if our training is right for you. After this you can pay per session but it is much cheaper to buy a 6 or 12 session bundle.

Change is hard and one of the best incentives to persevere through the tough times is often the desire to not waste money. People are 78% more likely to stick to a new initiative if it is prepaid. We do not offer partial refunds but we are happy to pause your training if your circumstances require it.

How much will it cost?

Utterance Public Speaking is committed to making training available to all budgets, if you tell us what your budget is and what you want to achieve we will try to  design program for you. It might include more spaced out sessions with independent work between sessions. We will design you a plan whatever your budget.

We have an education discount for full time students.

How often do we meet?

In your initial consultation we will devise the best programme for you. We could meet twice a week, one  week, or once every two weeks, depending on your availably, your specific aims, and your personal learning style.  

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